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Genre Rock music
Location(s) Ruissalo in Turku, Finland
Years active 1970-present
Attendance 100,000 (1971)
Official website in English

Ruisrock is a

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Other famous bands to have played Ruisrock are Soundgarden (1990), Bob Dylan (1990), Midnight Oil (1990), Billy Idol (1991), Nirvana (1992), Faith No More (1993), Chris Isaak (1993), Jethro Tull (1993), Aerosmith (1994), Simple Minds (1995), Bon Jovi (1995), Blur (1996), Pulp (1996), Neil Young (1996), David Bowie (1997), Sting (1997), Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1997), Pet Shop Boys (1997), Beastie Boys (1998), Jesus and Mary Chain (1998), Metallica (1999), Ministry (1999), Blondie (1999), Oasis (2000), Iron Maiden (2000), Lou Reed (2000), Hellacopters (2001), Kent (2002), Manic Street Preachers (2003), Dio (2003), The Cardigans (2003), Motörhead (2004), Stray Cats (2004), Hawkwind (2004), Within Temptation (2005), Rammstein (2005), New York Dolls (2006), Morrissey (2006), Tool (2006), Flogging Molly (2006), Saxon (2006), Opeth (2006), Billy Talent (2007), Interpol (2008), Primal Scream (2008), Bullet for my Valentine (2008), Anti-Flag (2008), Slipknot (2009), Volbeat (2009), Canned Heat (2010), Ozzy Osbourne (2010), NOFX (2010), The Specials (2010), Amon Amarth (2010), The National (2011), Nekromantix (2011), Paramore (2011), Suicidal Tendencies (2012), Pulp (2012), Bloc Party (2012), Amorphis (2013), The Sounds (2013), Editors (2013), The Offspring (2014), Suede (2014)

In 2010, the festival was celebrating its 40-year anniversary, with popular artists such as Slash and Ozzy Osbourne playing.

The 2009 edition of the festival saw a rise in attendance, when during 3 days there was a total of 92,000 visitors. In 2009, musical acts such as Slipknot, Disturbed, Faith No More, Mew, In Flames, Volbeat, Glasvegas, The Sounds, D'espairsRay, and popular domestic artists including Children of Bodom, HIM, Eppu Normaali, Tehosekoitin played at the festival, including the last live performance by The Crash.

In 2005, when the German industrial metal band Rammstein performed at the festival, 71,000 visitors attended the festival. In recent years, the number of visitors has fluctuated around 70,000. However, the all-time record was set in 1971, when there were about 100,000 visitors, with artists such as Canned Heat playing.

The festival area is divided into two sections, Niittyalue ("meadow section") and Ranta-alue ("beach section").


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