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Rinaldo Brutoco

Rinaldo S. Brutoco
Rinaldo S. Brutoco
Born (1947-02-27) February 27, 1947
Toronto, Canada
Nationality American
Occupation corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant.
Spouse(s) Lalla D. Brutoco

Rinaldo S. Brutoco (born in Toronto, Canada on February 27, 1947) is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and consultant.

Brutoco serves as a Board Member for the Men’s Wearhouse, and on the Audit and Governance Committees of the Board. He is also a regular keynote speaker for conferences and gatherings focused on sustainability in business and investing.[1][2]

Brutoco was recognized in the Congressional Record for his service in business on November 16, 2010.[3]


In 1968, Brutoco graduated with honors from Santa Clara University with a degree in Economics and Philosophy.[4] He went on to receive a Juris Doctorate, Order of the Coif, from UCLA School of Law in 1971.[4]


As the founder of the California Public Interest Law Center,[5] Brutoco won what, at that time, was the largest class action lawsuit in the history of the United States.

Since 1992, Brutoco has served on the board of the Men's Wearhouse,[1] a $2.5 billion market capitalization men’s clothing company.[6]

As an entrepreneur, Brutoco has started and run several business. He is the principal and CEO of the ShangriLa Consulting Group, Inc.; Founder, Executive Chef and Chief Executive Officer of Seven Oaks Ranch, an organic food and cosmetic manufacturer and distributor of several propriety brands; and founder and Chairman of H2 Clipper,[7] a company that has developed a hydrogen-powered dirigible.

In past years, Brutoco co-founded and was the Chief Operating Officer of Channel 100, the first company in the world to offer pay cable television services. Brutoco was the Founder and CEO of Universal Subscription Television, one of the first companies to offer over-the-air television transmissions of major motion pictures.

Brutoco also served as the CEO and Chairman of the Red Rose Collection,[8][9][10] a company that for 12 years was the sole distributor of Mother Teresa’s personally endorsed biographical motion picture, Mother Teresa (1986) and Mother Teresa: The Legacy (2004).


In 1987, Brutoco founded the World Business Academy,[9] a nonprofit business network and think tank which seeks to elevate the consciousness of people involved in business to match their power and influence with a corresponding level of care and responsibility for the environment and for humanity as a whole.

Brutoco was Chair of the Evolutionary Leaders Administrative Circle, part of the Evolutionary Leaders organization.

Brutoco has served on boards of directors and advisory boards of several non-profits, including The Gorbachev Foundation,[4] Institute of Transpersonal Psychology,[4] State of the World Forum (Co-founded with Jim Garrison), the Omega Point Institute,[4] The National Peace Academy,[11] and the Brutoco Family Foundation.


Brutoco is the co-author, along with professor Jerry B. Brown and former Exxon and Silicon Valley executive James A. Cusumano, of Freedom From Mid-East Oil (World Business Academy, 2007),[12] a book about the confluence and possible outcomes of the crises of global warming, peak oil and spiking world energy consumption.[13]

He is also a co-author of Profiles in Power: The Anti-Nuclear Movement and the Dawn of the Solar Age, a college textbook profiling the Anti-nuclear social movementas well as individuals who challenged the nuclear energy industry in court and in the legislative process, environmental conservationists and clean energy entrepreneurs.[14]


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