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Mount Rushmore (band)

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Title: Mount Rushmore (band)  
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Mount Rushmore (band)

Mount Rushmore was a rock band in the late 1960s from San Francisco, California that played a heavy blues rock style with psychedelic elements.

The band formed in early 1967 at 1915 Oak Street, a large Victorian rooming house in the Haight-Ashbury district. The original members were Ed Levin (ex-Vipers), Warren Phillips (ex Blue House Basement), Thomas Dotzler, Mike Bolan and Danny Wei. Wei was soon replaced by Terry Kimble on bass guitar. In June and July 1967 they were featured on posters for shows at the Avalon Ballroom with other bands including the Quicksilver Messenger Service and Big Brother and the Holding Company. In March 1968 Dotzler left to join local band Phoenix, and was soon followed by Phillips and Levin. Bolan and Kimble added Glenn Smith and Travis Fullerton to the line up and the group made two albums.


  • Members on the Recordings 1
  • Albums 2
    • High on Mount Rushmore 2.1
    • Mount Rushmore '69 2.2
    • High On / '69 2.3
  • Single 3

Members on the Recordings

  • Mike Bolan — "Bull" — guitar
  • Glenn Smith — "Smitty" — vocals, guitar
  • Travis Fullerton — drums, percussion
  • Terry Kimball — bass

Warren B. Phillips was the former lead singer for the band and wrote a few songs that were recorded by the band after he left.

Fullerton continued a career as a drummer. Mike Bolan and Glenn Smith were previously members of The Fabulous Shadows, a band from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, 1963-1968 [1]. Mike Bolan rejoined them later and they have been performing in Idaho on through 2005 [2]. Terry Kimball (deceased) was a member of the band Tony Vance and The Progress Hornsby 4, from Spokane, Washington, 1967 - 1968 [3].


High on Mount Rushmore

High on Mount Rushmore
Album cover
Mount Rushmore
Released 1969
Recorded 1969
Genre Psychedelic rock, acid rock, blues rock, hard rock
Length 39 min, 17 sec
Label DOT Records
Producer Ray Buff
  • produced by Ray Ruff, 1969, DOT Records DLP 25898 (there is a DJ only monophonic pressing, DOT 3898)
  1. Stone Free (Jimi Hendrix) 3:57
  2. Without No Smog (Glenn Smith, Mike Bolan) 5:27
  3. Ocean (Warren B. Phillips) 4:07
  4. I Don't Believe in Statues (Warren B. Phillips) 4:08
  5. Looking Back (Glenn Smith, Mike Bolan, T. Fullerton, T. Kimball) 9:40
  6. ('Cause) She's So Good to Me (Bobby Womack) 3:35
  7. Medley: 7:23
  • Fannie Mae (B. Brown, M. Robinson)
  • Dope Song (Glenn Smith)
  • Album dedicated to: "The Love Burger Lady of Haight Street"

Mount Rushmore '69

  • produced by Ray Ruff, 1969, DOT Records DLP 25934
  1. It's Just the Way I Feel (Glenn Smith) 4:35
  2. 10:09 Blues (Glenn Smith) 5:53
  3. Toe Jam (Kimball, Fullerton, Bolan) 5:45
  4. V-8 Ford Blues (Willie Lowe) 2:35
  5. Love is the Reason (Dotzler, Phillips, Bolan, Levin, Esterlie) 3:55
  6. I'm Comin' Home (Glenn Smith, Mike Bolan) 7:35
  7. King of Earrings (Warren B. Phillips) 4:00
  8. Somebody's Else's Games (Glenn Smith) 4:35

High On / '69

In 2002, a European CD was released by Lizard that combined the two albums, with the songs from the '69 album first.


  • Stone Free / ('Cause) She's So Good to Me, 1968, DOT 17158
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