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Founded 2006
Commenced operations 15 August 2006
Secondary hubs
Focus cities
Fleet size 85
Destinations 37
Parent company InterGlobe Enterprises
Headquarters Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Key people Rahul Bhatia, MD
Aditya Ghosh, president
Revenue Increase 111.17 billion (US$1.8 billion) (2014)[1]
Net income Increase 3.17 billion (US$51 million) (2014)[1]

IndiGo is an Indian budget airline company headquartered at Gurgaon, India. It is the fastest growing and also the largest airline in India[2] with a market share of 32.6% as of May 2014. The airline offers 534 daily flights connecting to 37 destinations including 5 international destinations with its primary hub at Delhi's IGI Airport. It presently operates a fleet of 84 aircraft belonging to Airbus A320 family.


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IndiGo was set up in early 2006 by Rahul Bhatia of InterGlobe Enterprises and Rakesh S Gangwal, a United States-based NRI. InterGlobe holds 51.12% stake in IndiGo and 48% is held by Gangwal's Virginia-based company Caelum Investments.[3] IndiGo placed a firm order for 100 Airbus A320-200 aircraft in June 2005 with plans to commence operations in mid-2006.[4] IndiGo took delivery of its first Airbus A320-200 aircraft on 28 July 2006, nearly one year after placing the order, and commenced operations on 4 August 2006 with a service from New Delhi to Imphal via Guwahati. By the end of 2006, the airline had six aircraft. Nine more aircraft were acquired in 2007 taking the total to 15. By December 2010, IndiGo replaced the state run flag carrier Air India as the top third airline in India. It already had 17.3% of the market share, behind Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways.[5] By early 2012, IndiGo had taken the delivery of its 50th aircraft in less than six years. IndiGo is known to have placed the largest order in commercial aviation history during 2011 at that time, when Airbus won the US$15 billion deal for 180 aircraft. This deal pushed up the percentage of Airbus aircraft in India to 73%.[6]

By February 2012, IndiGo was expanding rapidly and was making solid profits, the only airline in India to do so. It had replaced Kingfisher as the second largest airline in India in terms of market share. IndiGo's strong adherence to a low-cost model, buying only one type of aircraft and keeping operational costs as low as possible along with an emphasis on punctuality[7] are said to be some of the reasons for its success even when the airline industry in India was going through a bad patch. IndiGo focuses on adding a new plane every six weeks and sometimes even faster. However, this rapid expansion led to a scathing report by the DGCA in December 2011, which highlighted problems resulting from this expansion in the airline that could impact safety.[8] On 17 August 2012, IndiGo became the largest airline in India in terms of market share (27%),[9] which is more than one-fourth of total market share of all the Indian airlines combined, in the process dethroning the full-service carrier Jet Airways, which had held that position for many years. The airline had reached the position just six years after operations commenced.[9]

In January 2013, the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation announced that, following Indonesian airline Lion Air, IndiGo was the second fastest growing low-cost carrier in the continent.[10] In the same month, IndiGo became India's first airline to take the delivery of the Airbus A320-200 aircraft equipped with sharklets. Aditya Ghosh, IndiGo's president said that this move would help them reduce fuel burn.[11] In February 2013, following the civil aviation ministry announcing that they would be allowing IndiGo to take the delivery of only five aircraft that year, reports suggested that the airline was in plans to introduce low-cost regional flights by setting up a subsidiary. However, Aditya Ghosh, IndiGo's president said that all such reports were untrue and IndiGo was actually in plans to seek permission from the ministry to acquire four more aircraft, therefore taking the delivery of nine aircraft in 2013.[12] In August 2013, the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation ranked IndiGo amongst the 10 biggest low-cost carriers in the world.


IndiGo A320 takeoff from Singapore Changi Airport.

IndiGo operates to 37 destinations in India and abroad with 534 daily flights.[13] In January 2011 IndiGo received a license to operate international flights after completing five years of operations.[14] IndiGo's first international service was launched between New Delhi and Dubai on 1 September 2011.[15] Over the following weeks, the international services were expanded to serve Bangkok, Singapore, Muscat and Kathmandu from New Delhi and Mumbai. [16] Now international flights are also running from Kolkata.

IndiGo ramp

An IndiGo boarding ramp for better wheelchair accessibility.

IndiGo's speciality is a boarding ramp that allows people riding in a wheelchair to get into the plane comfortably. These are a common feature among airlines outside of India.[17][18]


An IndiGo A320 at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi loading before take off to Coimbatore
The interior of an IndiGo A320

In order to reduce operational overhead, IndiGo operates only the Airbus A320 family of aircraft in its fleet. It generally purchases new aircraft. As of 22 November 2014, IndiGo operates 85 such aircraft and the average fleet age is 2.9 years.[19] IndiGo has operated a total of 100 Airbus A320-200 aircraft and out of them 16 had been phased out which was leased in 2006-2007 to keep average age low.But now day indigo is not phasing out its flight and it has contacted tigerair for 12 more aircraft.

Fleet info

IndiGo aimed to have a fleet size of 40 aircraft by 2010, and induct all the 100 aircraft it had ordered by 2015–2016.[26] In February 2012, IndiGo took the delivery of its 50th aircraft. On 15 January 2013, the first IndiGo A320-200 was rolled out with sharklets, the aeroplane is registered with VT-IFH.[27] On 4 November 2014 IndiGo took delivery of its 100th aircraft and therefore completing its initial order of as many aircraft back in 2005.[28] The Airbus A320neo family aircraft will be delivered between 2016 and 2022.[29]

New aircraft orders

IndiGo placed an order for 100 Airbus A320 family aircraft during the 2005 Paris Air Show. The total order was worth US$6 billion, one of the highest during the show.[30][31] IndiGo signed a memorandum of understanding for an additional 180 Airbus A320 aircraft including 150 with the New Engine Option (NEO) on 11 January 2011. This is one of the largest orders of its kind in commercial aviation history. IndiGo is also one of the launch customers of the brand new Airbus A320neo family. The cost of the order is expected to have exceeded US$15 billion.[32][33]

On the 15 October 2014, IndiGo signed an MoU for 250 A320neo aircraft worth US$25.7 billion at list prices,[34] the order marks Airbus's single largest order by number of aircraft in history.[35] Airbus COO John Leahy expects the order to be firmed within 30 days.


To keep the average fleet age low, IndiGo usually phases out aircraft older than 6 years. Of the 100 aircraft IndiGo has received over the course of its existence, 16 have already been returned to their lessors.


IndiGo's livery is mostly painted in indigo and white colours. The bottoms of the aircraft are painted in indigo, followed by sky blue stripes below the wings. The upper portion is given a white background along with the airline's name written in indigo. A dot-line structure of an aircraft is painted near the noses of IndiGo's aircraft. IndiGo's official website is written on the engines, which have an indigo background. Finally, the tail is mostly indigo again, with the carrier's name written at the top in indigo, a sky blue stripe in the middle, on a white background. On the belly of the aircraft are 20 spots depicted as a plane representing the airline's logo.


IndiGo A320 flight deck
Interior of an IndiGo A320 flight

Being a low-cost carrier, none of IndiGo's flights have business class or first class sections. It offers only economy class seating. To keep fares low, IndiGo does not provide complimentary meals in any of its flights, though it does have a buy-on board in-flight meal programme.[36] No in-flight entertainment is available, but the airline provides an in-flight catalogue Hello 6E which gives information about various duty-free products which can be bought on board.

IndiGo offers premium services, where the passengers, at a higher fare, can avail additional benefits like a pre-assigned seat and meals on board.[37] It also offers a service called IndiGo Corporate Programme for corporate travellers.[38]

On 26 September 2014 IndiGo launched a Pay Later service under which registered users of IndiGo can go to its website and after selecting the flight can click on the 'Pay Later' button to hold the reservation. The customer will get a reservation number (PNR). The PNR will automatically get cancelled if payment is not made within the six hours. To make payment against the on-hold PNR, customers can make the payment on IndiGo's website.

Accidents and incidents

  • On 11 January 2011, Flight 333, piloted by Captain Parminder Kaur Gulati, landed nose-first at air transport pilot license (ATPL), after failing the test as many as seven times. She had also flown the return flight back to New Delhi when the aircraft's systems showed problems with the landing gear.[40]

Awards and achievements

IndiGo has won the following awards:

  • Best LCC (low-cost carrier) by the Airline Passengers Association of India (2007).[41]
  • Best LCC at the Galileo Express Travel Awards (2008).[41]
  • CNBC Awaaz's Travel Award for best low cost airline (2009, 2013).[41]
  • Skytrax Awards – Best low cost carrier (2010, 11, 12, 13, 14).[42]
  • The Airline Of The Year (India) at GMR Group Indira Gandhi International Airport Award.[43]


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