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Eleanor of Navarre

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Title: Eleanor of Navarre  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Blanche II of Navarre, Catherine of Foix, Countess of Candale, John of Foix, Viscount of Narbonne, Catherine of Navarre, Gaston of Foix, Duke of Nemours
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Eleanor of Navarre

Queen of Navarre
Reign 28 January 1479 – 12 February 1479
Coronation 28 January 1479
Predecessor John II
Successor Francis
Born (1426-02-02)2 February 1426
Olite, Navarre
Died 12 February 1479(1479-02-12) (aged 53)
Tudela, Navarre
Spouse Gaston IV, Count of Foix
Issue Gaston, Prince of Viana
Peter, Bishop of Arles
John, Viscount of Narbonne
Marie of Navarre
Margaret, Duchess of Brittany
Joan, Countess of Armagnac
James, Count of Cortes
Catherine, Countess of Candale
House House of Trastamara
Father John II of Aragon
Mother Blanche I of Navarre
Aragonese, Valencian and Sicilian Royalty
House of Trastámara

Ferdinand I
   Alfonso V
   John II
   Eleanor, Queen of Portugal
Alfonso V
John II
   Charles IV of Navarre
   Blanche II of Navarre
   Eleanor I of Navarre
   Ferdinand II
   Joan, Queen of Naples
Ferdinand II
   Isabella, Queen of Portugal
   Joanna I, Queen of Aragon
   John, Prince of Asturias
   Mary, Queen of Portugal
   Catherine, Queen of England
Joanna I

Eleanor of Aragon (Spanish: Leonor) (2 February 1426 – 12 February 1479),[1] Regent (1455–1479) and the queen regnant of Navarre in 1479. She was crowned on 28 January 1479 in Tudela.[2]


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Coat of arms of Queen Eleanor

She was born in Olite, Navarre (now Spain), the third and youngest child of King John II of Aragon and Queen Blanche I of Navarre and the younger sister of Blanche II of Navarre.[3] She was born 2 February 1426, and was acclaimed by the Cortes in Pamplona, 9 August 1427, as the legitimate heir of Charles IV, and Blanche II in succession to their mother. After their mother's death, however, their father occupied Navarre.

She married Gaston IV, Count of Foix, in 1441.[4] In 1442, Eleanor moved with her spouse to Bearn. In 1455, her father deposed her brother and her sister as heirs of Navarre and proclaimed Eleanor as the heir and the regent and general governor of Navarre, and she moved to Sangüesa. She continued as regent after the death of her brother in 1461. In 1462, she signed the treaty of Olite, where she recognized her father as the monarch of Navarre and accepted to have her sister Blanche imprisoned under her care. In 1464, Blanche died in her care, suspected to have been poisoned. By the treaty, she was recognized by her father as the heir of Navarre and his regent (governor) in Navarre. In 1468, her father killed her advisor Nicolas de Chavarri, and deposed her as governor. In 1471, however, her father recognized her as the governor of Navarre until his death. At her father's death in 1479, she gave her oath as the monarch of Navarre, and died two weeks later, at Tudela, Navarre, aged 53.

Marriage and children

In 1441, she married Gaston IV, count of Foix, and had the following children with him:


16. Henry II of Castile (= #14)
8. John I of Castile
17. Juana Manuel (= #15)
4. Ferdinand I of Aragon
18. Peter IV of Aragon
9. Eleanor of Aragon
19. Eleanor of Sicily
2. John II of Aragon
20. Alfonso XI of Castile (= #28)
10. Sancho Alfonso, 1st Count of Alburquerque
21. Eleanor of Guzman (= #29)
5. Eleanor of Alburquerque
22. Peter I of Portugal
11. Infanta Beatrice of Portugal
23. Inês de Castro
1. Eleanor of Navarre
24. Philip III of Navarre
12. Charles II of Navarre
25. Joan II of Navarre
6. Charles III of Navarre
26. John II of France
13. Joan of Valois
27. Bonne of Bohemia
3. Blanche I of Navarre
28. Alfonso XI of Castile (= #20)
14. Henry II of Castile (= #16)
29. Eleanor of Guzman (= #21)
7. Eleanor of Castile
30. Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena
15. Juana Manuel (= #17)
31. Blanca de La Cerda y Lara


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  • Navarre Kings Genealogy
Eleanor of Navarre
Born: 2 February 1426 Died: 12 February 1479
Regnal titles
Preceded by
John II
Queen of Navarre
Succeeded by
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