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Benyamin Kayurov

Benyamin Nikolayevich Kayurov (Russian: Вениами́н Никола́евич Каю́ров; 1876 – 1936) was a Russian Bolshevik revolutionary.

Kayorov was a working class Bolshevik militatnt who joined the St Petersburg. When Vladimir Lenin was forced into hiding during the July Days, the first hiding place he used was Kayurov's apartment. During the Russian Civil War, he led a detachment of Petrograd workers on the Kazan Front. He was on the General Staff of the Fifth Army in charge of the political section.[1]

Following his involvement in the Ryutin Affair in 1932, he was expelled from the Communist Party. Then in 1936 he refused to confess to a list of crimes and was shot.


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