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ATP World Series

The International Series (known before 2000 as the ATP World Series) was a series of professional tennis tournaments held internationally as part of the ATP Tour until 2008.

The series was renamed ATP World Tour 250 series in 2009. International Series offered players cash prizes (tournaments have purses from $416,000 to 1,000,000) and the ability to earn ATP ranking points. They generally offered less prize money and fewer points than the ATP International Series Gold, but more than tournaments on the ATP Challenger Series.


The locations and titles of these tournaments were subject to change every year. The tournaments – in calendar order – in 2008 were:

Tournament Location Court surface Prize Money(US$) Draw Size First played
Next Generation Adelaide International Australia Adelaide, Australia Hard $419,000 32 1974
Qatar ExxonMobil Open Qatar Doha, Qatar Hard $1,000,000 32 1993
Chennai Open India Chennai, India Hard $436,000 32 1996
Medibank International Australia Sydney, Australia Hard $436,000 32 1885
Heineken Open New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand Hard $436,000 32 1956
PBZ Zagreb Indoors Croatia Zagreb, Croatia Carpet (indoors) $416,000 32 2006
International Tennis Championships United States Delray Beach, Florida, USA Hard $416,000 32 1993
Movistar Open Chile Viña del Mar, Chile Clay $448,000 32 1993
Open 13 France Marseille, France Hard (indoors) $600,000 32 1993
Brasil Open Brazil Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil Clay $456,000 32 2001
SAP Open United States San Jose, California, USA Hard (indoor) $416,000 32 1889
Copa Telmex ATP Buenos Aires Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina Clay $600,000 32 1968
Tennis Channel Open United States Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Hard $416,000 32 1986
Open de Tenis Comunidad Valenciana Spain Valencia, Spain Clay $416,000 32 1995
U.S. Men's Clay Court Championships United States Houston, Texas, USA Clay $416,000 32 1910
Grand Prix Hassan II Morocco Casablanca, Morocco Clay $416,000 32 1984
BMW Open Germany Munich, Germany Clay $416,000 32 1900
Estoril Open Portugal Estoril, Portugal Clay $625,000 32 1990
Hypo Group Tennis International Austria Pörtschach, Austria Clay $416,000 32 1981
Aegon Championships United Kingdom London, Great Britain Grass $800,000 56 1890
Gerry Weber Open Germany Halle, Germany Grass $800,000 32 1991
Nottingham Open United Kingdom Nottingham, Great Britain Grass $416,000 32 1995
Ordina Open Netherlands 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Grass $416,000 32 1990
Campbell's Hall of Fame Championships United States Newport, Rhode Island, USA Grass $416,000 32 1976
Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad Switzerland Gstaad, Switzerland Clay $496,000 32 1915
Swedish Open Sweden Båstad, Sweden Clay $416,000 32 1948
Dutch Open Tennis Amersfoort Netherlands Amersfoort, Netherlands Clay $416,000 32 1957
Countrywide Classic United States Los Angeles, USA Hard $525,000 32 1927
Croatia Open Umag Croatia Umag, Croatia Clay $416,000 32 1990
Indianapolis Tennis Championships United States Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Hard $525,000 32 1988
Orange Prokom Open Poland Sopot, Poland Clay $500,000 32 2001
Legg Mason Tennis Classic United States Washington, D.C., USA Hard $600,000 48 1969
Pilot Pen Tennis United States New Haven, Connecticut, USA Hard $675,000 48 1985
China Open China Beijing, China Hard $500,000 32 1993
BCR Open Romania Romania Bucharest, Romania Clay $525,000 32 1993
Thailand Open Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Hard (indoors) $550,000 32 2003
Kingfisher Airlines Tennis Open India Mumbai, India Hard $416,000 32 2006
Open de Moselle France Metz, France Hard (indoors) $416,000 32 2003
Kremlin Cup Russia Moscow, Russia Carpet (indoors) $1,000,000 32 1990
Stockholm Open Sweden Stockholm, Sweden Carpet (indoors) $800,000 32 1969
Davidoff Swiss Indoors Switzerland Basel, Switzerland Hard (indoors) $1,000,000 32 1970
Grand Prix de Tennis de Lyon France Lyon, France Carpet (indoors) $800,000 32 1987
St. Petersburg Open Russia St. Petersburg, Russia Carpet (indoors) $1,000,000 32 1995

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