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Princess of Carignano

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Title: Princess of Carignano  
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Subject: Duke of Chablais, Duchess of Genoa, March of Turin, Prince of Piedmont, House of Savoy
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Princess of Carignano

The Princess of Carignano was a woman married to the Prince of Carignano of the House of Savoy. The list ends with Charles Albert, in 1831, after he became King of Sardinia. But the Queens of Sardinia and later Italy used the title "Princess of Carignano" as part of their full title which included a lot of other titles.

The fief of Carignano had belonged to the Savoys since 1418, and the fact that it was part of Piedmont, only twenty km. south of Turin, meant that it could be a "princedom" for Thomas in name only, being endowed neither with independence nor revenues of substance.[1] Instead of receiving a significant patrimony, Thomas was wed in 1625 to Marie de Bourbon, sister and co-heiress of Louis de Bourbon, comte de Soissons, who would be killed in 1641 while fomenting rebellion against Cardinal Richelieu.


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Princess of Carignano

de facto

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Princess Ceased to be Princess Death Spouse
Marie de Bourbon,
Countess of Soissons
Charles, Count of Soissons
3 March 1606 6 January 1625 22 January 1656
husband's death
3 June 1692 Thomas Francis
Maria Angela Caterina d'Este Borso d'Este
1 March 1656 7 November 1684 23 April 1709
husband's death
16 July 1722 Emmanuel Philibert
Maria Vittoria of Savoy
, Marchesa di Susa
Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia
10 February 1690 7 November 1714 4 April 1741
husband's death
8 July 1766 Victor Amadeus I
Christine of Hesse-Rotenburg Ernest Leopold, Landgrave of Hesse-Rotenburg
21 November 1717 4 May 1740 4 April 1741
husband's accession
1 September 1778 Louis Victor
Joséphine of Lorraine Louis Charles de Lorraine, Prince of Lambesc
26 August 1753 18 October 1768 16 December 1778
husband's accession
September 1780
husband's death
8 February 1797 Victor Amadeus II
Maria Christina of Saxony Charles of Saxony, Duke of Courland
7 December 1770 24 October 1797 16 August 1800
husband's death
24 November 1851 Charles Emmanuel
Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria Ferdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany
21 March 1801 30 September 1817 27 April 1831
becomes Queen
12 January 1855 Charles Albert

de jure

As noted, the Principality was bought by Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon; as such the title was born by his Modenese wife; at his death to passed to his daughter by inheritance. The title was confiscated off Marie Adélaïde during the French Revolution.

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Princess Ceased to be Princess Death Spouse
Maria Teresa Felicitas d'Este Francesco III d'Este, Duke of Modena
6 October 1726 29 December 1744 1751 30 April 1754 Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, Duke of Penthièvre
Louise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon
Mademoiselle de Penthièvre
Louis Jean Marie de Bourbon, Duke of Penthièvre
13 March 1753 8 May 1768 4 March 1793
father's death
confiscated by French Republic
23 June 1821 Philippe d'Orléans,
Philippe Égalité

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