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Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts


Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts

College of Motion Picture Arts
Established 1989
Type Film school
Academic affiliation Florida State University
Location Tallahassee, Florida,
United States
Dean Frank Patterson
Students 215[1]

The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts (colloquially, The Film School), is the Film School of the Florida State University. About 215 students are enrolled in classes, including undergraduates and graduate students, including Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts students.


  • Undergraduate Programs 1
  • Facilities 2
    • Post-Production Studios 2.1
    • Visual Effects Studio 2.2
    • Sound Stages 2.3
    • Mixing Stages 2.4
  • Graduate School of Motion Picture Arts 3
  • The Torchlight Program 4
  • National Rankings 5
    • Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Student Academy Awards 5.1
    • Director's Guild of America Awards and Honors 5.2
    • Academy of Television Arts & Sciences College Television Awards 5.3
    • Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's Award 5.4
  • Notable alumni 6
  • Notable faculty 7
  • External links 8
  • References 9

Undergraduate Programs

The College of Motion Picture Arts offers programs such as a BFA in Animation and Digital Arts and also a BFA in Motion Picture Arts - Production.


Florida State University is the only university in the nation that owns and makes available to its students the full range of motion picture equipment, from Super-16 and 35mm production equipment to RED Mysterium X and RED EPIC cameras, including grip and camera trucks.

Students work in dedicated production offices, shoot on professional sound stages, view their work in screening theaters tuned to industry specifications, and edit their work in non-linear digital post-production facilities.

The facility is open and available to students 24 hours a day, and is protected by swipe card access. The College is among the largest and best-equipped facilities in the world devoted to motion picture education.[2]

Post-Production Studios

The College has recently completed a major upgrade of the post production facilities. Features include a tape less workflow supported by a SAN (storage area network) on a fiber optic infrastructure in a Mac OS-X environment.

Students have 24-hour access to fifteen client-based editing suites running Adobe Creative Suite version 6.x andSteinberg Nuendo 5.x software. Additionally, select suites are outfitted with DaVinici Resolve 9 for finishing. Other facilities include two sound stages, two HD screening stages, two 5.1 rerecording stages, an ADR/Foley stage and a visual effects lab supporting Nuke, Mari and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Visual Effects Studio

The Visual Effects Studio at the College provides a "virtual facility" for the production of visual effects for student motion pictures.

FSU provides classroom and individual instruction in visual effects techniques utilizing professional applications such as Shake, Maya, Photoshop, Boujou, After Effects and many others.

The lab features five fully outfitted Quad Core G5 workstations, networked with the post facility's optic fiber network and with more than 4.2 terabytes of additional dedicated storage.

Sound Stages

The College is equipped with two sound stages (A and B) for the production of student motion pictures, to hold classes and for production workshops.

These acoustically isolated spaces measure approximately 3000 and 1500 square feet, respectively, to accommodate both large and small set constructions. Most notably, the main sound stage A is fitted with movable grids for extensive lighting design options.

Mixing Stages

Included in the post production facilities are two re-recording stages (mix theaters A and B) for the completion of student works.

These are fully automated mixing facilities featuring WK Audio control surfaces on Nuendo editing/mixing systems.

Student productions are prepared and mixed to accepted Dolby Digital specifications.

The rooms are tuned to The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences sound specifications for theatrical response.

Both mix theaters also serve as screening rooms for the College's special motion picture presentations and events.

Graduate School of Motion Picture Arts

The Graduate College of Motion Picture Arts offers an MFA in Motion Picture Arts - Production and also an MFA in Motion Picture Arts - Writing.

The Torchlight Program

The Torchlight Program is a non-degree granting academic program designed to enhance the education of motion picture students by providing instruction in current and emerging business practices of the motion picture industry. Only students currently enrolled in Florida State University are qualified to participate in the program. The program offers coursework in a variety of areas, including motion picture financing, distribution, and marketing. It then seeks to provide students with relevant internship opportunities to gain hands-on experience in these areas.[3]

National Rankings

The FSU College of Motion Picture Arts is one of the most highly ranked in the nation. Its students have won over 2,000 awards, honors, prizes and featured screenings at both national and international festivals and competitions.

The Film School is regarded as one of the most accomplished film schools in the world and is well known for selectivity in admissions.[4][5] FSU Film students won more Student Oscars (2) and College Television Awards (5) in one year than any other film school.[6] The college is one of the few film schools in the country to be recognized by the Directors Guild of America for "its distinguished contribution to American culture through the world of film and television".

Included awards and honors are screenings at the Cannes Film Festival and Slamdance Film Festivals, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ("Student Oscars"), The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Collegiate Television Awards, the Coca-Cola refreshing Filmmaker Collegiate Competition and the American Society of Cinematographers Student Competition.[7]

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Student Academy Awards

FSU's College of Motion Picture Arts has won a total of eight Student Oscars from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and has placed as a regional finalist sixteen times (four times in the year 2003 alone). Four student titles have gone on to win top awards in festivals that qualified them for entry into the non-student Oscars.

Director's Guild of America Awards and Honors

The College was honored in 2004 by the Directors Guild of America for its "Distinguished Contribution to American Culture." In the 2005 DGA Student Filmmakers Awards for African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos and Women, the College took home half of the honors awarded, winning first place in both "Best Woman Student Filmmaker" and "Best Latino Student Filmmaker."

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences College Television Awards

The College has won a total of thirty student Emmys from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. In 2003, the College was the first school in the history of the Academy to place first, second, and third in the Comedy category. In 2004, the College set another record in the Academy's history by being the first school to win five student Emmys in one year (two first place, two second place, and one third place). In 2011, with four wins, the College garnered the most awards of any school in the country that year.

Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's Award

Since the creation of the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's Award in 1998, the College has won the award twice: in 2000 with Jason Doty's "Escape Back to the Movies," and in 2005 with Matthew Pope's "The Line Starts Here." The College has also placed finalists every year since 1999.[8]

Notable alumni

Notable faculty

External links

  • FSU College of Motion Picture Arts Web Site
  • Florida State University
  • Coffee and Celluloid - Blog by an FSU Film School Student


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