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List of situation comedies

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Title: List of situation comedies  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Lists of game shows, List of animated television series, List of teen dramas
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of situation comedies

This is a list of television and radio sitcoms (situation comedies).


Title Country Years
100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd  USA 1999–2002
100 Questions  USA 2010
13 Queens Boulevard  USA 1979
15 Storeys High  GBR 2002–2004
18 to Life  CAN (2 seasons)  USA (1 season) 2010–2011
2 Broke Girls  USA 2011–Present
227  USA 1985–1990
2point4 Children  GBR 1991–1999
30 Rock  USA 2006–2013
3rd Rock from the Sun  USA 1996–2001
The 5 Mrs. Buchanans  USA 1994–1995
7 vidas  ESP 1999–2006
704 Hauser  USA 1994
8 Simple Rules  USA 2002–2005


Title Country Years
A Diarista  BRA 2003–2007
A Grande Família  BRA 1972–1975
A Grande Família  BRA 2001–Present
A J Wentworth, BA  GBR 1982
A.E.S. Hudson Street  USA 1978
a.k.a. Pablo  USA 1984
Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata  PHL 1991–1997
The Abbott and Costello Show  USA 1952–1954
Abby  USA 2003
Absolutely Fabulous  GBR 1992–1995
Accidental Family  USA 1967–1968
Accidentally on Purpose  USA 2009–2010
According to Jim  USA 2001–2009
Ace Crawford, Private Eye  USA 1983
Acropolis Now  AUS 1989–1992
Adam's Rib  USA 1973
The Addams Family  USA 1964–1966
The Adventures of Hiram Holliday  USA 1956–1957
The Adventures of Lano and Woodley  AUS 1997–1999
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet  USA 1952–1966
The Adventures of Pete & Pete  USA 1993–1996
The Adventures of Tugboat Annie  GBR 1958
After Henry (radio series)  GBR 1985–1989
After Henry (TV series)  GBR 1988–1992
AfterMASH  USA 1983–1985
After You've Gone  GBR 2007–2008
Agony  GBR 1979–1981
Agony Again  GBR 1995
Aída  ESP 2005–2014
Airwaves  CAN 1985–1987
The Aldrich Family  USA 1939–1953
ALF  USA 1986–1990
Alice  USA 1976–1985
Aliens in America  USA 2007–2008
Aliens in the Family  USA 1996
All About the Andersons  USA 2003–2004
All About Us  USA 2001
All-American Girl  USA 1994–1995
All in the Family  USA 1971–1979
All of Us  USA 2003–2007
All That Glitters  USA 1977
All Together Now  AUS 1991–1993
All's Fair  USA 1976–1977
'Allo 'Allo!  GBR 1982–1992
Almost Perfect  USA 1995–1996
Almost Home  USA 1991–1993
Amanda's  USA 1983
Amen  USA 1986–1991
America 2-Night  USA 1977–1978
American Dad!  USA 2005–Present
American Dreamer  USA 1990–1991
Amos 'n' Andy  USA 1951–1953
Amrutham  IND 2001–2007
An American in Canada  CAN 2002–2004
Andy Barker, P.I.  USA 2007
The Andy Griffith Show  USA 1960–1968
Andy Richter Controls the Universe  USA 2002–2003
Angela Anaconda  USA 1999–2001
Angie  USA 1979–1980
Anke  GER 1999–2001
Ann Jillian  USA 1989–1990
The Ann Sothern Show  USA 1958–1961
Anna and the King  USA 1972
Annie McGuire  USA 1988
Another Day  USA 1978
A.N.T. Farm  USA 2011–2014
Anything But Love  USA 1989–1990
Aparadektoi, Oi  GRC 1990–1992
Apartment 2F  USA 1997
Aquí no hay quien viva  ESP 2003–2006
Aquí no hay quien viva  COL 2008–2009
Aramizda Galsin  AZE 2011–2013
Archie Bunker's Place  USA 1979–1983
Are You Being Served?  GBR 1972–1985
Arli$$  USA 1996–2002
The Army Show  USA 1998
Arnie  USA 1970–1972
Arrested Development  USA 2003–Present
Arresting Behavior  USA 1992
Arsenio  USA 1997
Arthur  USA 1996–Present
The Associates  USA 1979-1980
Ask Harriet  USA 1998
At Ease  USA 1983
Atashin'chi  JPN 2002–2009
Austin Stories  USA 1997–1998
Austin & Ally  USA 2011–Present
The Autocrats  FIN 2001–2008
Avrupa Yakası  TUR 2004–2009

Title Country Years
Babes  USA 1990–1991
Baby Blues  USA 2000
Baby Bob  USA 2002–2003
Baby Boom  USA 1988–1989
Baby Daddy  USA 2012
Baby, I'm Back  USA 1978
Baby Talk  USA 1991–1992
Bachelor Father  USA 1957–1962
Bachelor Father  GBR 1970–1971
Back to You  USA 2007–2008
The Bad Girl's Guide  USA 2005
The Bad News Bears  USA 1979–1980
The Baileys of Balboa  USA 1964–1965
Baker's Dozen  USA 1982
Bakersfield P.D.  USA 1993–1994
Bangruk soi 9  THA 2003–2012
Barefoot in the Park  USA 1970–1971
Barney Miller  USA 1975–1982
Battery Park  USA 2000
The Baxters  USA 1979–1981
Be Home for Dinner  HKG 2011
Becker  USA 1998–2004
Ben et Thomas  FRA 2008–Present
Benim Annem Bir Melek  TUR 2008–Present
Benson  USA 1979–1986
The Bernie Mac Show  USA 2001–2006
Best of the West  USA 1981–1982
Best Selling Secrets  HKG 2007–2008
Bette  USA 2000–2001
Better Off Ted  USA 2009–2010
Better with You  USA 2010–2011
The Betty Hutton Show  USA 1959–1960
The Betty White Show  USA 1977–1978
Between Brothers  USA 1997–1999
Beulah  USA 1950–1953
The Beverly Hillbillies  USA 1962–1971
Beverly Hills Buntz  USA 1987–1988
Beware of Dog  USA 2002
Bewitched  USA 1964–1972
The Bickersons  USA 1946–1951
The Big Bang Theory  USA 2007–Present
Big Brother Jake  USA 1990–1994
Big Day  USA 2006–2007
The Big House  USA 2004
Big John, Little John  USA 1976
Big Time Rush  USA 2009–2013
Big Wave Dave's  USA 1993
The Bill Cosby Show  USA 1969–1971
The Bill Dana Show  USA 1963–1965
The Bill Engvall Show  USA 2007–2009
Billy (1979 TV series)  USA 1979
Billy (1992 TV series)  USA 1992
Birds of a Feather  GBR 1989–1998/2014–Present
Bitange i princeze  CRO 2005–2010
Blackadder  GBR 1983,1986–1987,1989
Black Books  GBR 2000–2004
Blackfly  CAN 2001–2002
Black Tie Affair  USA 1993
Blansky's Beauties  USA 1977
Bless This House  GBR 1971–1976
Bless This House  USA 1995–1996
Blossom  USA 1991–1995
Bnot HaZahav  ISR 2011–Present
Bob  USA 1992–1993
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice  USA 1973
The Bob Crane Show  USA 1975
The Bob Cummings Show  USA 1955–1959
The Bob Newhart Show  USA 1972–1978
Bob Patterson  USA 2001
Bob's Burgers  USA 2011–Present
Bonino  USA 1953
The Bonnie Hunt Show  USA 1994–1996
Bosom Buddies  USA 1980–1982
Boston Common  USA 1996–1997
Bottom  GBR 1991–1995
Les Bougon  CAN 2004–2006
Boy Meets World  USA 1993–2000
The Boys Are Back  USA 1994–1995
Boys Will Be Boys  USA 1987–1988
The Brady Brides  USA 1981
The Brady Bunch  USA 1969–1974
Bram & Alice  USA 2002
Brass Monkeys  AUS 1984
Breaker High  USA 1997–1998
Bread  GBR 1986–1991
The Brian Benben Show  USA 1998
Bridget Loves Bernie  USA 1972–1973
Bringing Up Buddy  USA 1960–1961
The Brittas Empire  GBR 1991–1997
Broadside  USA 1964–1965
Bromwell High  GBR 2005–Present
Brooklyn Bridge  USA 1991–1993
Brotherly Love  USA 1995–1997
Brothers  USA 1984–1989
The Brothers  USA 1956–1958
Brothers  USA 2009
Brothers and Sisters  USA 1979
The Brothers García  USA 2000–2004
Brother's Keeper  USA 1998–1999
Bro'Town  NZL 2004–present
Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures  USA 2011–Present
Buddies  USA 1996
Buddy en Sol  PHL 1990s
Buffalo Bill  USA 1983–1984
Built to Last  USA 1997
Bulbulay  PAK 2010
The Burns and Allen Show  USA 1950–1958
Bustin' Loose  USA 1987–1988
Busting Loose  USA 1977
Butterflies  GBR 1978–1983


Title Country Years
California Dreams  USA 1992–1996
Caméra Café  PHL 2008–Present
Camp Runamuck  USA 1965–1966
Camp Wilder  USA 1992-1993
Can't Hurry Love  USA 1995–1996
Captain Nice  USA 1967
Car 54, Where Are You?  USA 1961–1963
The Cara Williams Show  USA 1964–1965
Caroline in the City  USA 1995–1999
Carpoolers  USA 2008
Carter Country  USA 1977–1979
Casi Perfectos  ESP 2004–2005
Catherine  CAN 1985–1988
Cavemen  USA 2007
Chance in a Million  GBR 1984–1986
Charles in Charge  USA 1984–1990
The Charmings  USA 1987–1988
Check it Out!  CAN 1985–1988
Checking In  USA 1981
Cheers  USA 1982–1993
The Chicago Teddy Bears  USA 1971
Chicken Soup  USA 1989
Chico and the Man  USA 1974–1978
Chidiya Ghar  IND 2009–Present
Choufli hal  TUN 2005–2009
Citizen James  GBR 1960–1962
Citizen Smith  GBR 1977–1980
City Guys  USA 1997–2001
Clarissa Explains It All  USA 1991–1994
The Class  USA 2006–2007
The Cleveland Show  USA 2009–2013
Clone High  CAN  USA 2002–2003
Clueless  USA 1996–1999
Coach  USA 1989–1997
Çocuklar Duymasin  TUR 2001–2005, 2008–Present
Comeback  CZE 2008–Present
The Comeback  USA 2005
Come Back Mrs. Noah  GBR 1977–1978
Come Home Love  HKG 2012–Present
Committed  USA 2005
Community  USA 2009–2014
Complete Savages  USA 2004–2005
Con el culo al aire  ESP 2012–2014
Condo  USA 1983
The Cop and the Kid  USA 1975–1976
The Corner Bar  USA 1972
Corner Gas  CAN 2004–2009
Cory in the House  USA 2007–2008
Cosby  USA 1996–2000
The Cosby Show  USA 1984–1992
Cougar Town  USA 2009–Present
Coupling  GBR 2000–2004
Coupling (U.S. TV series)  USA 2003
Courting Alex  USA 2006
The Courtship of Eddie's Father  USA 1969–1972
Cousin Skeeter  USA 1998–2003
C.P.O. Sharkey  USA 1976–1978
The Cramp Twins  GBR  USA 2002–2006
Crash & Bernstein  USA 2013–
The Critic  USA 1994–1995
Crumbs  USA 2006
The Cuckoo Waltz  GBR 1975–1980
Curb Your Enthusiasm  USA 2000–
Cuts  USA 2005–2006
Cybill  USA 1995–1998
Čista desetka  SLO 2012–Present


Title Country Years
Dad's Army  GBR 1968–1977
Dan for Mayor  CAN 2010
Dans une galaxie près de chez vous  CAN 1998–2001
Daria  USA 1997–2002
Date with the Angels  USA 1957–1958
Dave's World  USA 1993–1997
Dear John  GBR 1986–1987
Dear John  USA 1988–1992
Death Valley  USA 2011
December Bride  USA 1954–1959
Dekh Bhai Dekh  IND 1992–1997
Delta  USA 1992–1993
Delta House  USA 1979
The Dennis O'Keefe Show  USA 1959–1960
Dennis The Menace  USA 1959–1963
Designing Women  USA 1986–1993
Desmond's  GBR 1989–1994
Dharma & Greg  USA 1997–2002
Diana  USA 1973-1974
The Dick Van Dyke Show  USA 1961–1966
A Different World  USA 1987–1993
Diff'rent Strokes  USA 1978–1986
Dinnerladies  GBR 1998–2000
Dinosaurs  USA 1991–1994
DiResta  USA 1998–1999
Doc  USA 1975–1976
Doctor, Doctor  USA 1989–1991
Doctor in the House  GBR 1969–1970
Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23  USA 2012-2013
The Donna Reed Show  USA 1958–1966
Doogie Howser, M.D.  USA 1989–1993
Do Over  USA 2002
The Doris Day Show  USA 1968–1973
Dossa and Joe  AUS 2002
The Double Life of Henry Phyfe  USA 1966
Double Rush  USA 1995
Double Trouble  USA 1984–1985
Douce France  FRA 1989
Doug  USA 1991–1999
Down and Out in Beverly Hills  USA 1987
Down to Earth  USA 1983–1987
Downtown  USA 1999
Drake & Josh  USA 2004–2008
Drawn Together  USA 2004–2007
Dream On  USA 1990–1996
The Drew Carey Show  USA 1995–2004
Drexell's Class  USA 1991–1992
Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist  USA 1995–1999
Drop the Dead Donkey  GBR 1990–1998
The Duck Factory  USA 1984
Duckman  USA 1994–1997
The Dumplings  USA 1976
The Dustbinmen  GBR 1969–1970
Duty Free  GBR 1984–1986
Dweebs  USA 1995-1995


Title Country Years
E/R  USA 1984–1985
Ed, Edd n Eddy  USA 1999-2009
The Ed Wynn Show  USA 1958–1959
The Egg and I  USA 1951–1952
Eisenhower and Lutz  USA 1988
Ellen  USA 1994–1998
The Ellen Show  USA 2001–2002
Emily's Reasons Why Not  USA 2006
Empty Nest  USA 1988–1995
End of Part One  GBR 1979
Ensign O'Toole  USA 1962–1963
Euskolegas  ESP 2009
Eve  USA 2003–2006
Even Stevens  USA 2000–2003
Evening Shade  USA 1990–1994
Everybody Hates Chris  USA 2005–2009
Everybody Loves Raymond  USA 1996–2005
Everything's Relative  USA 1987
The Exes  USA 2011–Present
Extras  GBR 2005–2006


Title Country Years
F Troop  USA 1965–1967
The Facts of Life  USA 1979–1988
The Faculty  USA 1996
Fair Exchange  USA 1962–1963
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin  GBR 1976–1979
Une famille formidable  FRA 1992–2008
Family Affair  USA 1966–1971, 2002–2003
A Family for Joe  USA 1990
Family Front  PAK 1995
The Family Genius  USA 1949
Family Guy  USA 1999–2002, 2005–Present
Family Matters  USA 1989–1998
Family Ties  USA 1982–1989
Farmacia de guardia  ESP 1991–1995
The Farmer's Daughter  USA 1963–1966
Fascht e Familie   CH 1994–1999
Father, Dear Father  GBR 1968–1973
Father, Dear Father in Australia  AUS 1978
Father Knows Best  USA 1954–1960
Father Ted  GBR  IRL 1995–1998
Fatherhood  USA 2004–2005
Fawlty Towers  GBR 1975–1979
F.C. De Kampioenen  BEL 1990-2011
Fertig Lustig   CH 2000–2002
The Fighting Fitzgeralds  USA 2001
Filthy Rich  USA 1982–1983
A Fine Romance  GBR 1981–1984
Fired Up  USA 1997–1998
F.I.R. (TV series)  IND 2006–present
First of the Summer Wine  GBR 1988–1989
First Time Out  USA 1995
Fish  USA 1977-1978
Fish Police  USA 1992
Flatbush  USA 1979
Fleksnes Fataliteter  NOR 1972
Flight of the Conchords  USA 2007–2009
The Flintstones  USA 1960–1966
Flo  USA 1980–1981
Flop Show  IND 1989
Flying Blind  USA 1992–1993
The Flying Nun  USA 1967–1970
Foley Square  USA 1985-1986
Foot in The Door  USA 1983
For Your Love  USA 1998–2002
The Fosters  GBR 1976
Frasier  USA 1993–2004
Freddie  USA 2005–2006
Free Country  USA 1978
Free Spirit  USA 1989–1990
French Fields  GBR 1989
Fresh Fields  GBR 1984
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  USA 1990–1996
Friends  USA 1994–2004
Fries With That?  CAN 2004
Frontline  AUS 1994–1997
The Front Line  GBR 1984
Ful Haus  PHL 2007–Present
Full House  USA 1987–1995
Futurama  USA 1999–2003, 2008–Present


Title Country Years
The Gale Storm Show  USA 1956–1960
The Game  USA 2007–Present
Game On  GBR 1995-1998
The Games  AUS 1998–2000
Gary Unmarried  USA 2008–2010
Gavin & Stacey  GBR 2007–2010
The Geena Davis Show  USA 2000–2001
George  USA 1993
George and Mildred  GBR 1976–1979
The George Carlin Show  USA 1994–1995
George Lopez  USA 2002–2007
Get a Life  USA 1990–1992
Get Married  USA 2006–2008
Get Smart  USA 1965–1970, 1995
Getting Together  USA 1971-1972
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir  USA 1968–1970
Gidget  USA 1965–1966
Gilligan's Island  USA 1964–1967
Gimme a Break!  USA 1981–1987
The Girl With Something Extra  USA 1973–1974
Girlfriends  USA 2000–2008
Girls on Top  GBR 1985–1986
Gloria  USA 1982–1983
God, the Devil and Bob  USA 2000
Going Places  USA 1990
Going Straight  GBR 1978
The Goldbergs  USA 1949–1956
The Goldbergs  USA 2013–Present
The Golden Girls  USA 1985–1992
The Golden Palace  USA 1992–1993
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.  USA 1964–1969
Good Grief  USA 1990–1991
The Good Guys  USA 1968–1970
Good Heavens  USA 1976
The Good Life  USA 1971–1972
The Good Life  GBR 1975–1977
Good Luck Charlie  USA 2010–Present
Good Morning, Miami  USA 2002–2004
Good Morning, World  USA 1967-1968
Good Sports  USA 1991-1991
Good Times  USA 1974–1979
The Goodies  GBR 1970–1982
Goodnight, Beantown  USA 1983–1984
Goodnight Sweetheart  GBR 1993–1999
Goof Troop  USA 1992–1993
The Governor & J.J.  USA 1969-1971
Grace Under Fire  USA 1993–1998
Grady  USA 1975
The Greatest American Hero  USA 1981–1983
Green Acres  USA 1965–1971
Green Wing  GBR 2004–2007
Greetings from Tucson  USA 2002–2003
Grindl  USA 1963
Grosse Pointe  USA 2000–2001
Grounded for Life  USA 2001–2005
Growing Pains  USA 1985–1992
Grown Ups  GBR 1997
Grown Ups  USA 1999–2000
Grownups  GBR 2006–2009
Guys Like Us  USA 1998–1999


Title Country Years
H  FRA 1998–2002
HaChaim Ze Lo Hakol  ISR 2001–2011
HaChaverim Shel Naor  ISR 2006–Present
Haggard  GBR 1990–1991
Half & Half  USA 2002–2006
Hallelujah!  GBR 1981–1984
HaMovilim  ISR 2007–2009
Hancock's Half Hour  GBR 1954–1960
Hancock  GBR 1961
Hang Time  USA 1995–2000
Hangin' In  CAN 1981–1987
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper  USA 1992–1997
Hank  USA 1965–1966
Hank  USA 2009
Hannah Montana  USA 2006–2011
The Hank McCune Show  USA 1950–1953
HaPijamot  ISR 2003–2011
Happy Days  USA 1974–1984
Happy Hour  USA 2006
Harper Valley P.T.A.  USA 1981
Harrigan and Son  USA 1960–1961
Harry and the Hendersons  USA 1991–1993
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law  USA 2000–2007
The Hathaways  USA 1961–1962
Hausmeister Krause – Ordnung muss sein  GER 1999–2008
Hazel  USA 1961–1966
He's the Mayor  USA 1986
He's the Mayor  USA 2004
Head of the Class  USA 1986–1991
Heil Honey I'm Home!  GBR 1990
Hello, Larry  USA 1979
The Help  USA 2004
Help Me Help You  USA 2006
Hennesey  USA 1959–1962
Herbie, the Love Bug  USA 1982
Here Come the Brides  USA 1968–1970
Here We Go Again  USA 1973
Here's Lucy  USA 1968–1974
Herman's Head  USA 1991–1994
Het Zonnetje in Huis  NLD 1993–2003
Hey Dad..!  AUS 1986–1994
Hey Dude!  USA 1989–1991
Hi Honey, I'm Home!  USA 1991–1992
Hiccups  CAN 2010
High Kick!  KOR 2006–2007
High Society  USA 1995–1996
Histoires de filles  CAN 1999–Present
Hitz  USA 1997–1998
The Hogan Family  USA 1986–1991
Hogan's Heroes  USA 1965–1971
Home Along the Riles  PHL 1990s
Homeboys in Outer Space  USA 1996–1997
Home Improvement  USA 1991–1999
Home Movies  USA 1999–2004
Home with Kids  China 2004–Present
The Honeymooners  USA 1955–1956
Hope & Faith  USA 2003–2006
Hot in Cleveland  USA 2010–Present
Hot L Baltimore  USA 1975
Hotel poldruga zvezdica  SLO 2004–2006
Household Help!  AUS 2008–Present
House of Mouse  USA 2001–2003
House Rules  USA 1998
How I Met Your Mother  USA 2005–2014
How to be Indie  CAN 2009–2012
How Not to Live Your Life  GBR 2007–2010
How to Rock  USA 2012–Present
HR  JPN 2002–2003
Husbands  USA 2011–Present
The Hughleys  USA 1998–2002
Hum Paanch  IND 1995–2006
Hyperdrive  GBR 2006–2007


Title Country Years
iCarly  USA 2007–2012
Ideal  GBR 2005–2011
I Dream of Jeannie  USA 1965–1970
I Love Lucy  USA 1951–1957
I Married Dora  USA 1987
I Married Joan  USA 1952–1955
I'm Alan Partridge  GBR 1997, 2002
I'm Dickens, He's Fenster  USA 1962–1963
I'm in the Band  USA 2009–2011
I'm with Her  USA 2003–2004
The Inbetweeners  USA 2012
In Loving Memory  GBR 1979–1986
In Sickness and in Health  GBR 1985–1992
In the House  USA 1995–1999
The IT Crowd  GBR 2006–Present
It Ain't Half Hot Mum  GBR 1974-1980
Itche  ISR 1994–1997
It's A Living  USA 1980–1982, 1985–1989
It's About Time  USA 1966–1967
It's All Relative  USA 2003–2004
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia  USA 2005–Present
It's Awfully Bad for Your Eyes, Darling  GBR 1971
It's Garry Shandling's Show  USA 1986–1990
It's Like, You Know...  USA 1999–2000
It's Your Move  USA 1984–1985


Title Country Years
Jake in Progress  USA 2004–2006
Jamie  USA 1953–1954
The Jamie Foxx Show  USA 1996–2001
The Jean Carroll Show  USA 1953–1954
The Jeff Foxworthy Show  USA 1995–1997
The Jeffersons  USA 1975–1985
Jesse  USA 1998-2000
Jessie  USA 2011–Present
The Jetsons  USA 1962–1963, 1984–1987
The Jim Backus Show  USA 1960–1961
Joanie Loves Chachi  USA 1982–1983
Joey  USA 2004–2006
John & Marsha  PHL 1973–1990
The John Forsythe Show  USA 1965–1966
The John Larroquette Show  USA 1993–1996
JONAS  USA 2009–2010
Julia  USA 1968–1971
Just Good Friends  GBR 1983–1986
Just Our Luck  USA 1983
Just Shoot Me!  USA 1997–2003
Just the Ten of Us  USA 1988–1990


Title Country Years
Kaamelott  FRA 2005–2009
kafe tis Charas, To  GRC 2003–2006
The Kallikaks  USA 1977
Kan Garim Bekef  ISR 2010–Present
Kappa Mikey  USA 2006–2008
Karen  USA 1964-1965
Karen  USA 1975
Kate & Allie  USA 1984–1989
Kath & Kim (Australia)  AUS 2002–2007
Kath & Kim (US)  USA 2008-2009
Keep It in the Family (UK)  GBR 1971
Keep It In the Family (US)  USA 1980
Keeping Up Appearances  GBR 1990–1995
Ken Ma?! (Yes What?!)  ISR 1988
Kenan & Kel  USA 1996–2000
Khichdi, now as Instant Khichdi  IND 2000–Present
Kinderen geen bezwaar  NLD 2004–Present
King of Kensington  CAN 1975–1980
The King of Queens  USA 1998–2007
King of the Hill  USA 1997–2009
Kingswood Country  AUS 1980–1984
Kirk  USA 1995–1996
Kitchen Confidential  USA 2005
Klovn  DNK 2005–Present
KM/H  CAN 1998–2005
The Knights of Prosperity  USA 2007
Konstantinou kai Elenis  GRC 1998–2000
Krovim Krovim  ISR 1983–1986, 2005


Title Country Years
Lab Rats  USA 2012-Present
La Bloc  ROM 2002–2007
La que se avecina  ESP 2007–Present
Langt fra Las Vegas  DNK 2001–2004
Lapataganj  IND 2009–Present
The Larry Sanders Show  USA 1992–1998
The Last of the Australians  AUS 1975
Last of the Summer Wine  GBR 1973–2010
Last Man Standing  USA 2011–Present
The Last Resort  USA 1979–1980
The Latest Buzz  CAN 2008–Present
Laverne & Shirley  USA 1976–1983
Laverne & Shirley in the Army  USA 1981
The League  USA 2009–Present
Learning the Ropes  USA 1988
Leave It to Beaver  USA 1957–1963
The Lenny Henry Show  GBR 1987
Less Than Perfect  USA 2002–2006
Lewis & Clark  USA 1981
Life of Riley  GBR 2009–2011
The Life of Riley  USA 1949–1950, 1953–1958
Life on a Stick  USA 2005
Life with Bonnie  USA 2002–2004
Life with Derek  CAN 2005–2009
Life with Elizabeth  USA 1952–1955
Life's Work  USA 1996–1997
Like Family  USA 2003–2004
The Likely Lads  GBR 1964–1968
Listen Up!  USA 2004–2005
Little Mosque on the Prairie  CAN 2007–Present
The Liver Birds  GBR 1969–1979, 1996
Living in Captivity  USA 1998
Living Single  USA 1993–1998
Living With Fran  USA 2005–2006
Lizzie McGuire  USA 2001–2004
Ljubav, navika, panika  SER 2005–2007
The Looney Tunes Show  USA 2011–2014
The Loop  USA 2006–2007
Lotsa Luck  USA 1973
Louie  USA 2010–Present
Love, American Style  USA 1969–1974
Love and Marriage  USA 1959–1960
The Love Boat  USA 1977–1986
Love on a Rooftop  USA 1966–1967
Love Thy Neighbour  GBR 1972–1976
Love, Inc.  USA 2005–2006
Love, Sidney  USA 1981–1983
Loves Me, Loves Me Not  USA 1977
Lucky Louie  USA 2006
The Lucy Show  USA 1962–1968
The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour  USA 1957–1960
Lud Zbunjen Normalan  BIH 2006–2008


Title Country Years
MA 2412  Austria 1998–2002
Mack & Myer for Hire  USA 1963–1964
Mad About You  USA 1992–1999
Madigan Men  USA 2000
Maguy 1985
Maid Marian and her Merry Men  GBR 1989–1994
Major Dad  USA 1989–1993
Make Room for Daddy  USA 1953–1965
Makin' It  USA 1979
Making the Grade  USA 1982
Malcolm & Eddie  USA 1996–2000
Malcolm in the Middle  USA 2000–2006
Malibu, CA (TV series)  USA 1998–2000
Mama Malone  USA 1984
Mama's Family  USA 1983–1985
Man About the House  GBR 1973–1976
Maniac Mansion  CAN 1990–1993
Mannezimmer   CH 1997–2001
Many Happy Returns  USA 1964–1965
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis  USA 1959–1963
Marblehead Manor  USA 1987–1988
Marc et Sophie 1987
Marge and Jeff  USA 1953–1954
Margie  USA 1961–1962
Marina, Marina 1990
Married People  USA 1990
Married to the Kellys  USA 2003–2004
Married... with Children  USA 1987–1997
The Marshall Chronicles 1990
Martin  USA 1992–1997
Mary  USA 1985-1986
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman  USA 1976–1977
Mary Kay and Johnny  USA 1947–1950
The Mary Tyler Moore Show  USA 1970–1977
Marvin Marvin  USA 2012-Present
M*A*S*H  USA 1972–1983
Maude  USA 1972–1978
May to December  GBR 1989–1994
Maybe It's Me  USA 2001–2002
Mayberry R.F.D.  USA 1968–1971
McHale's Navy  USA 1962–1966
McKeever and the Colonel  USA 1962–1963
Me and Maxx  USA 1980
Me and My Girl  GBR 1984–1988
Me and the Boys  USA 1994–1995
Me and the Chimp  USA 1972
Meet Corliss Archer  USA 1943-1956
Meet Mr. McNulty  USA 1953–1955
Mein Leben & Ich  GER 1999–2006
Melissa & Joey  USA 2010-Present
The Melting Pot 1975
Memoari porodice Milić  BIH 1990
Men Behaving Badly  GBR 1992–1998
Men Behaving Badly  USA 1996–1997
Men Kai Oi Den, Oi  GRC 1993–1996
Men with Brooms  CAN 2010
Mendelbaum Balash Prati  ISR 2009–Present
Method & Red  USA 2004–2005
The Michael Richards Show  USA 2000
Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays  CAN 2011
Mi se mamo radi  SLO 2006
The Middle  USA 2009–Present
Mike & Molly  USA 2010–Present
Mikromesaioi, Oi  GRC 1992–1993
The Millers  USA 2013–2014
Mind Your Language  GBR 1977–1979, 1986
Miranda  GBR 2009–Present
Mission Hill  USA 1999–2002
Mister Ed  USA 1961–1966
Mister Peepers  USA 1952–1955
Mr. Terrific  USA 1967–1968
Mitten im 8en – Der ganz normale Alltagswahnsinn  Austria 2007
Modern Family  USA 2009–Present
Modern Men  USA 2006
Moesha  USA 1996–2001
The Mommies  USA 1993–1995
Monk  USA 2002–2009
The Monkees  USA 1966–1968
The Morey Amsterdam Show  USA 1948–1950
Mork & Mindy  USA 1978–1982
Mother and Son  AUS 1984–1994
The Mothers-in-Law  USA 1967–1969
Mr. and Mrs. Dracula 1980
Mr. Bean  GBR 1989–1996
Mr. Belvedere  USA 1985–1990
Mr. Digby Darling  GBR 1969–1971
Mr. Merlin  USA 1981
Mrs. Brown's Boys  GBR 2011–Present
Mrs. G. Goes to College  USA 1961–1962
The Mullets  USA 2003–2004
Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne  IND 1989–1990
The Munsters  USA 1964–1966
The Munsters Today  USA 1988–1991
Murphy Brown  USA 1988–1998
Muscle  USA 1995
My Big Fat Greek Life  USA 2003
My Boys  USA 2006–2010
My Brother and Me  USA 1994–1995
My Family  GBR 2000–2011
My Favorite Husband  USA 1953–1955
My Favorite Martian  USA 1963–1966
My Friend Irma  USA 1952–1954
My Hero  USA 1952–1953
My Hero  GBR 2000–2006
My Husband and I  GBR 1987–1988
My Little Margie  USA 1952–1955
My Living Doll  USA 1964–1965
My Mother the Car  USA 1965–1966
My Name Is Earl  USA 2005–2009
My Name Is Harry Worth  GBR 1974
My Parents Are Aliens  GBR 1999–2007
My Talk Show  USA 1990–1991
My Three Sons  USA 1960–1972
My Two Dads  USA 1987–1990
My Wife and Kids  USA 2001–2005
My Wife Next Door  GBR 1980
My World and Welcome to It  USA 1969–1970


Title Country Years
Naadaaniyaan  PAK 2007–2010
The Nadas  BRA 2005
Nadreality Show  BIH 2006–2008
Nancy  USA 1970-1971
The Nanny  USA 1993–1999
Naša mala klinika  SLO 2004–2008
Nearest and Dearest  GBR 1968–1973
Nearly Departed  USA 1989
Ned & Stacey  USA 1995–1997
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide  USA 2004–2007
Needles and Pins  USA 1973
The New Adventures of Old Christine  USA 2006–2010
The New Andy Griffith Show  USA 1971
The New Bill Cosby Show  USA 1972
The New Bob Cummings Show  USA 1961–1962
The New Dick Van Dyke Show  USA 1971–1974
New Girl  USA 2011–Present
The New Monkees  USA 1987
The New Odd Couple  USA 1982
The New Statesman  GBR 1987–1992
The New WKRP in Cincinnati  USA 1992–1993
Newhart  USA 1982–1990
NewsRadio  USA 1995–1999
Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher  USA 1996–1998
Night Beat News 1984
Night Court  USA 1984–1992
Nightingales  GBR 1990–1993
Nighty Night  GBR 2004–2005
Nikki  USA 2000–2002
No Heroics  GBR 2008–Present
No Strings 1989
No Time For Sergeants  USA 1964–1965
The Norm Show  USA 1999–2001
Not Going Out  GBR 2006–Present
Ntoltse Vita  GRC 1995–1997
Nud Kub Nud  THA 2007–Present
Nukkad  IND 1986–1988
Nurses  USA 1991–1994


Title Country Years
OB  INA 2006-2008, 2009
The Oblongs  USA 2001–2002
Occasional Wife  USA 1966–1967
The Odd Couple  USA 1970–1975
Odmori se, zaslužio si  CRO 2006–Present
Off Centre  USA 2001–2002
Off Pedder  HKG 2008–2010
The Office (UK)  GBR 2001–2003
The Office (US)  USA 2005–2013
Office Office  IND 2000–2004
Oh Baby  USA 1998-2000
Oh, Grow Up  USA 1999
Oh Madeline  USA 1983-1984
Oh! Those Bells  USA 1962
O. K. Crackerby!  USA 1965–1966
The O'Keefes  USA 2003
OL Supreme  HKG 2010
Oliver Beene  USA 2003–2004
On Our Own  USA 1977
On the Air  USA 1992
On the Buses  GBR 1969–1973
On the Rocks  USA 1975–1976
One Day at a Time  USA 1975–1984
One Foot in the Grave  GBR 1990–2000
One in a Million  USA 1980
One of the Boys  USA 1982
One on One  USA 2001–2006
Only Fools and Horses  GBR 1981-1996/2001-2003
Ono kao ljubav  SER 2009–2010
Open All Hours  GBR 1976–1985
Open All Night  USA 1981
Orazio  ITA 1985
Otvorena vrata  SER 1994–1995/2013–Present
Our Miss Brooks  USA 1952–1956
Out of the Blue  USA 1979
Outnumbered  GBR 2007–Present
Outrageous Fortune  NZL 2005–2010
Outsourced  USA 2010–2011
Over the Top  USA 1997


Title Country Years
Pair of Kings  USA 2010–Present
Palibhasa Lalake  PHL 1991–2000
Paper Moon  USA 1974–1975
The Parent 'Hood  USA 1995–1999
Parker Lewis Can't Lose  USA 1990–1993
The Parkers  USA 1999–2004
Parks and Recreation  USA 2009–Present
The Partners  USA 1971–1972
The Partridge Family  USA 1970–1974
Pasik  HUN 2000–2003
Pasila  FIN 2007–Present
Pataclaun  Peru 1997–1999
The Patty Duke Show  USA 1963–1966
The Paul Lynde Show  USA 1972-1973
Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers  USA 1974–1975
Pearl  USA 1996–1997
Peep Show  GBR 2003–Present
Pentor  THA 2004–2012
The People's Choice  USA 1955–1958
Perfect Strangers  USA 1986–1993
Perfect World  GBR 2001
Pete and Gladys  USA 1960–1962
Petticoat Junction  USA 1963–1970
Phil of the Future  USA 2004–2006
The Phil Silvers Show  USA 1955–1959
Phyllis  USA 1975–1977
Pig in the Middle  GBR 1980–1983
Pig Sty  USA 1995
Pinwright's Progress  GBR 1946–1947
Plats bruts  ESP 1999–2002
Platypus Man  USA 1995
Please Don't Eat the Daisies  USA 1965–1967
Please Sir!  GBR 1968–1972
Please Stand By 1978
Pod Eno streho  SLO 2002–2004
The Popcorn Kid 1987
Popetown  GBR 2005–Present
Porridge  GBR 1974–1977
The Powers That Be  USA 1992–1993
The Practice  USA 1976-1977
Private Secretary  USA 1953–1957
The Proud Family  USA 2001–2005
Punky Brewster  USA 1984–1988


Title Country Years
Quark  USA 1978
Quintuplets  USA 2004–2005


Title Country Years
Rab C. Nesbitt  GBR 1988–1999, 2008–Present
Rachel Gunn, R.N.  USA 1992
RadioActive  CAN 1998–2001
Radio Enfer  CAN 1995–2001
The Rag Trade  GBR 1961–1963, 1977
Ragel W Set Setat  EGY 2006–Present
Raised by Wolves  GBR 2013–Present
Ramzor  ISR 2008–Present
Rango  USA 1967
The Real McCoys  USA 1957–1963
Reba  USA 2001–2007
Red Dwarf  GBR 1988–2012
Reinikainen  FIN 1982
Reno 911!  USA 2003–2009
Report to Murphy  USA 1982
Retired at 35  USA 2011–Present
Rhoda  USA 1974–1978
Rising Damp  GBR 1974–1978, 1980
Rita Rocks  USA 2008–2009
Robin's Nest  GBR 1977–1981
Robson Arms  CAN 2005, 2007
Rock Me Baby  USA 2003–2004
Rodney  USA 2004–2006
Roll Out  USA 1973-1974
Room 222  USA 1969–1974
Room For Two  USA 1992–1993
The Ropers  USA 1979–1980
Roseanne  USA 1988–1997
The Royle Family  GBR 1998–2000, 2006
Rugrats  USA 1991-2004
Rules of Engagement  USA 2007–2013
Run, Buddy, Run  USA 1966–1967


Title Country Years
The Sabrina the Teenage Witch Show  USA 1970–1974
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch  USA 1996–2003
Samantha Who?  USA 2007–2009
Samen  NLD 2005
Sanford and Son  USA 1972–1977
Sara  USA 1985
Sarabhai vs Sarabhai  IND 2004–Present
The Sarah Silverman Program  USA 2007–2010
Saved by the Bell  USA 1989–1993
Saved by the Bell: The College Years  USA 1993–1994
Saved by the Bell: The New Class  USA 1993–2000
Schlawiner  Austria 2011–Present
Schöni Uussichte   CH 2005–2007
Sean's Show  GBR 1992–1993
The Second Hundred Years  USA 1967–1968
Second Time Around  USA 2004–2005
The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer  USA 1998
Seinfeld  USA 1989–1998
Senario  MAS 1996–Present
Sex and the City  USA 1998-2004
Shameless  GBR 2004–Present
Shake It Up  USA 2010–Present
Shaping Up  USA 1984
Shararat  IND 2004–Present
Shasta McNasty  USA 1999–2000
Shelley  GBR 1979–1992
Shemesh  ISR 1997–2004
She's the Sheriff  USA 1987–1989
Show Me the Happy  HKG 2010–2011
Shrimaan Shrimati (TV series)  IND 1995-
$h*! My Dad Says  USA 2010–2011
Silver Spoons  USA 1982–1987
The Simple Life  USA 1998
The Simpsons  USA 1989-Present
Singer & Sons  USA 1990
The Single Guy  USA 1995–1997
Sister, Sister  USA 1994–1999
The Sitcom Trials  GBR 2003
Skimo  Mexico 2006–Present
Složna braća  SER 1995
Small Wonder  USA 1985–1989
Smart Guy  USA 1997–1999
The Smothers Brothers Show  USA 1965–1966
Soap  USA 1977–1981
So Little Time  USA 2001–2002
Some Day  HKG 2010
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em  GBR 1973–1978
Some of My Best Friends  USA 2001
Sonny with a Chance  USA 2009–2011
Sons & Daughters  USA 2006
Sophie  CAN 2008–2009
Sorry!  GBR 1981–1982, 1985–1988
South Park  USA 1997–Present
Spaced  GBR 1999–2001
Sparks  USA 1996–1998
Spin City  USA 1996–2002
Sports Night  USA 1998–2000
Square Pegs  USA 1982–1983
Stacked  USA 2005–2006
Stanley  USA 1956–1957
Star of the Family  USA 1982
Step by Step  USA 1991–1998
Steptoe and Son  GBR 1962–1974
The Steve Harvey Show  USA 1996–2002
Still Standing  USA 2002–2006
Stromberg  GER 2004–Present
The Stu Erwin Show  USA 1950–1955
Stupid, Stupid Man  AUS 2006–2008
Style & Substance  USA 1998
Suami-suami Takut Istri  INA 2007–2010
Suburgatory  USA 2011–Present
Suddenly Susan  USA 1996–2000
Sugar Time!  USA 1977–1978
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody  USA 2005–2008
The Suite Life on Deck  USA 2008–2011
Sunshine  USA 1975
The Super  USA 1972
Susedia  SVK 2006–2007
Svensson, Svensson  SWE 1994–1996, 2007-2008
Svingerji  SLO 2007–2008
Szysznyk  USA 1977-1978


Title Country Years
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah  IND 2008-Present
The Tab Hunter Show  USA 1960–1961
Tabitha  USA 1977–1978
Takay Ki Aayegi Baraat  PAK 2011–Present
Tamer W Shokia  EGY 2006–Present
Tammy  USA 1965–1966
Tathkarat Dawood  Kuwait 2014
Tattingers  USA 1989
Taxi  USA 1978–1983
Teachers  USA 2006
Teachers Only 1982
The Ted Knight Show  USA 1978
Temperatures Rising  USA 1972–1974
Terry and June  GBR 1979–1987
Tetangga Masa Gitu  INA 2014-present
The Texas Wheelers  USA 1974-1975
That '70s Show  USA 1998–2006
That '80s Show  USA 2002
That Girl  USA 1966–1971
That Was Then  USA 2002
That Wonderful Guy  USA 1949–1950
That's My Bush!  USA 2001
That's My Momma  USA 1974–1975
That's So Raven  USA 2003–2007
The Thick Of It  GBR 2005–2012
Thicker than Water  USA 1973
Third Time Lucky  GBR 1982
Those Whiting Girls  USA 1955–1957
Three's a Crowd  USA 1984–1985
Three's Company  USA 1977–1984
Throb  USA 1986–1988
'Til Death  USA 2006–2010
Til Love Do Us Lie  HKG 2011–2012
Till Death...  GBR 1981
Till Death Us Do Part  GBR 1965-1975
The Tim Conway Show  USA 1970
Titus  USA 2000–2002
To Rome With Love  USA 1969–1971
Tom Goes to the Mayor  USA 2004–2006
Toma Lá, Dá Cá  BRA 2006–2009
The Tony Randall Show  USA 1976-1978
Too Close for Comfort  USA 1980–1986
Top lista nadrealista  BIH 1984–1991
Topper  USA 1953–1955
The Torkelsons  USA 1991-1993
The Tortellis  USA 1987
A Touch of Grace  USA 1973
Trafika  SLO 2003–2004
Trailer Park Boys  CAN 2001–2008
Trdoglavci  SLO 2011–Present
Treis Harites, Oi  GRC 1990–1992
Tripper's Day  GBR 1984
Tripping the Rift  CAN 2004–Present
The Trouble with Tracy  CAN 1970–1971
True Colors  USA 1990
True Jackson, VP  USA 2008–2011
True Love Next Door  THA 2009–2010
Turnabout 1979
TV dober dan  SLO 1999–2002
Tweets For My Sweet  PHL 2012
Twenty Good Years  USA 2006
Twins  USA 2005–2006
Two and a Half Men  USA 2003–Present
Two Guys and a Girl
(Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place)
 USA 1998–2001
Two In Clover  GBR 1969–1970
Two of a Kind  USA 1998–1999
Two's Company  GBR 1975-1979
Tyler Perry's House of Payne  USA 2007–2012
Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns  USA 2009–2011


Title Country Years
The Ugliest Girl in Town  USA 1968–1969
Unfabulous  USA 2004–2007
Unhappily Ever After  USA 1995–1999
Unhitched  USA 2008-2008
Union Square  USA 1997-1998


Title Country Years
Valentine's Day  USA 1964–1965
The Van Dyke Show  USA 1988
Veronica's Closet  USA 1997–2000
The Vicar of Dibley  GBR 1994, 1998–1999, 2004
Victorious  USA 2010–2013
Viva Valdez  USA 1976
Virtues of Harmony  HKG 2001–2002
Virtues of Harmony II  HKG 2003–2005
Vivement lundi 1988
Viza za budućnost  BIH 2000–2008
Vrtičkarji  SLO 1998-2001


Title Country Years
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home  USA 1972–1974
Waiting for God  GBR 1990–1994
Wanda at Large  USA 2003
The War at Home  USA 2005–2007
War of the Genders  HKG 2000
Watching Ellie  USA 2002–2003
The Waverly Wonders  USA 1978
The Wayans Bros.  USA 1995–1999
We Got It Made  USA 1983–1988
We'll Get By  USA 1975
We've Got Each Other  USA 1977
Webster  USA 1983–1987
Weeds  USA 2005–2012
Welcome Back, Kotter  USA 1975–1979
Welcome to the House  HKG 2006–2007
Wendy and Me  USA 1964–1965
What a Dummy  USA 1990
What I Like About You  USA 2002–2006
What's Happening!!  USA 1976–1979
What's Happening Now!!  USA 1985–1988
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?  GBR 1973 - 1976
When Things Were Rotten  USA 1975
Whoopi  USA 2003–2004
Who's the Boss?  USA 1984–1992
Who's Watching the Kids?  USA 1978
Will & Grace  USA 1998–2006
Willing and Abel  AUS 1987
Window on Main Street  USA 1961–1962
Wings  USA 1990–1997
Wizards of Waverly Place  USA 2007–2012
WKRP in Cincinnati  USA 1978–1982
Women of the House  USA 1995
Workaholics  USA 2011–Present
Working  USA 1997–1999
Working It Out  USA 1990
Working Stiffs  USA 1979
World of Pub  GBR 2001
Worst Week  USA 2008–2009
The Worst Week of My Life  GBR 2004–2006
Wyatt's Watchdogs  GBR 1988


Title Country Years
A Year at the Top  USA 1977
Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi  IND 1986
Yes, Dear  USA 2000–2006
Yes Minister  GBR 1980–1984
Yes, Prime Minister  GBR 1986–1988
You Again?  USA 1986–1987
You Take the Kids  USA 1990–1991
The Young Ones  GBR 1982–1984


Title Country Years
Zabaan Sambhalke  IND 1993-1994, 1997-1998
Zeke and Luther  USA 2009–2012
Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane  USA 1999–2000
Zoey 101  USA 2005-2008
Zorro and Son  USA 1983
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