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A Guide To the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah

By: Rav Michael Laitman

In a time of crisis, we need a guide to help us calm and stabilize our lives. This is why Kabbalah is being revealed to millions today. Kabbalah is a tool for bettering life, and A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how we can use this tool. In a graceful, easygoing style, you'll learn the basics of Kabbalah, and receive much needed suggestions for employing this age-old science to your daily life.

Introduction: The laws of nature, our place in the world and our behavior have been studied by scientists and philosophers for thousands of years. Along with logical assumptions, science uses quantifiable research and data. Yet our scientists and researchers have discovered that the more they advance in their research, the more obscure and confusing they find the world to be.

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ATOM & the Bible : Codes and Elements, Volume 3

By: Ms. Rochelle Ann Laura

Various styles of scientific information concerning Atomic behavior.

Dear Reader: I will do my best to be brief. The investigation I have embarked on is the research into the synonyms, antonyms and palindromes that make up the Atomic sub-text of scripture. There is more. I have uncovered the Atomic values (Periodic Elements) in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages through the use of Strong’s Hebrew Aramaic Dictionary, and a little known numeric grid referred to as the Thomas Jefferson Beale key. These further decipher the Genesis, or my...

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